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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Very Much

Alright, I just had to join in...
1. Thank you, to the mailman who cannot seem to realize that the Evans family NO LONGER lives at my house. Therefore, I am constantly returning their mail to MY mailbox with "no longer at this address" written in bright red marker.
2. Thank you, to someone who could not leave well-enough alone and had to hit reply-all to a semi-mass email and embarrass me in front of all the people I'd sent the email to. (Note to self- no more mass emails.)
3. Thank you, to the people who keep asking me about jobs. Don't ya think you'll know when I get one?! Um, yeah.
4. Thank you, to whatever item in my house is attracting flies! I LOVE eating lunch and having to shoo the flies away with one hand while cramming my sandwich into my mouth with the other.
5. Thanks you, XBOX, who has decided to soon allow men (including my husband) to be able to control the XBOX with their voice. Wonderful.
6. Thank you, South Carolina, for the HOT weather and HUGE electric bill... too bad my a/c can't keep up wit the heat. 
7. Thank you, city that I live in, for the constant road work near my house. I just love having these men wave me through traffic lights with their signs... I never really know if I should trust them or not.
8. Thank you, horrible man who screwed me out of a job last year. I'll show you, though! I'm getting one this go-round... and YOU can't do a durn thing about it.
9. Thank you, people who update their facebook status to complain about stupid things or tell me their every move... hello Twitter. Get it.
10. Thank you, truck-pulling-a-house-over-a-bridge yesterday and nearly ran me off the bridge... in my husband's car. That was swell. After the initial panic and fear of losing the left side of my vehicle, I realized I very well could have lost my LIFE. Gee. Thanks.
11. thank you, dumb man in a big yellow used-to-be-penske-truck for tailgating me the entire way through town. Hello. You could have passed me. I was already going 10 over.

I feel MUCH better! A serious thanks to whomever started this! :) You can check out her page at The Daily Dribbles.


  1. Wow! What a week you have had. Doesn't it feel good to just get that all out?

  2. Shudders. I hate big trucks and small bridges! Glad you're okay! And so glad to know I'm not the only one who wonders whether or not I should trust the road crew!

  3. Thanks for linking up!

    I hate big trucks. I mean semi's and trailers. I drive a big suburban, but I think that's why I hate big trucks. I have a freaky thing with depth perception and it always feels like I"m going to hit the car next to me. So I completely understand your rant!