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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Awesome Flea Market Find

So, I went to the Metrolina Flea Market today with my parents. I saw all sorts of furniture that I would have grabbed up in a second if I had a job... or even a place to put it! I have been banned from purchasing any more furniture until we buy a house. Jake feels that since we pack out a 24-foot moving truck and it still doesn't all fit we really don't need more furniture to haul around... Plus, since we move fairly often, our stuff gets kind of dinged up. Anyhow, I walked by this one booth and found this awesome dog planter. I was thinking it looked like a Dachshund. I started to walk away and the guy said, "you know you want that." I was like, "well, yeah... but I'm not sure if it is what I think it is." He said, "well, it's a McCoy Dachshund." I said, "seriously? I wanted it to be a Dachshund. I thought it was." After talking to the man about it and other figurines I have an how his house is full of Pug paraphernalia, I asked him how much it was. I decided if he said more than $10 I would put it back. He said $7. I was like omg! I will take it!! I was so excited.

(Ok, so after "google"ing about this piece, I find that it is, in fact, not a planter, but a dresser wallet caddy... who knew? Not me. Well, Jake should find it useful, then!)


  1. Oh My Dog!!!! I love this! I went to an arts fest today and saw so much doxie stuff, but it was way overpriced.

  2. That is adorable...I absolutely love it!!! :-D So glad you got to go to the flea market...Adrian and I love finding treasures there!!

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  4. Yes, that is exactly what it is! I have one just like it, and love the little doxie dog!!