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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life and All It's Made Of

Sea shells... took this picture on the beach this week. :)

Life is a funny thing. It's full of ups and downs, twists and turns, pleading prayers and prayers of praise and thanksgiving. I don't know if your life is anything like mine (and most days, I pray, for your sake, it's nothing like mine), but in my life when it rains it pours. I know this statement is normally made in a negative light, but in my life the same holds true for good things. It's either raining down tough times or blessings... or, sometimes, all of it all in one. It's crazy!
I am counting my blessings tonight. I have a wonderful family. I don't tell them enough just how truly wonderful they are. I have parents who do so much for me and truly love me. I have grandparents who spoil me and love me and make me smile. I have great friends... friends that people really could turn green with envy over. They are wonderful! Mostly, though, I have an amazing husband- a man who stands by me, sticks with me, loves me even at my worst (you know what they say, "if you can't handle me at my worst then you don't deserve me at my best" - well he can handle me even on my worst days and he surely deserves my best). I have my precious MilShelb. My heart truly does beat for them. They are such sweet little babies. I am blessed to have a roof over my head, clothes to wear (cute ones, too), and food to eat. I have a car to drive and places to go. I am truly a very blessed person.
God is so good. Do you know how I know that? I know that because God knows my heart. He answers my prayers. He shows me that He is on my side. For example, I have a habit of trying very hard to stay positive through this whole job search thing... but I get down sometimes. It's hard not to... but God knows exactly what I need. As soon as I get really down and start to lose hope God sends me interview opportunities. Granted, they haven't worked out... but I think God is trying to tell me just to hold on. He is sending me somewhere. He is going to bless me beyond belief... I just have to hold on. (And I am... I'm holding on TIGHT!)
I had an interview on Friday, Monday, and I have one tomorrow. Needless to say, just before all of these "rained" on me, I was feeling very down. I think the two that have already happened went well. The one on Monday went incredibly well and is for a teaching position. I am so excited! You never know where God will lead you... but I am open to any journey where He is guiding me. I don't want to say much on the details and won't post much about the one tomorrow either except to say that it is also for a teaching position. I'll keep everyone posted though as soon as I know anything "for sure".
Thank you, blog friends, for sticking by me through my "venting", ranting, raving, complaining... etc. Thank you for your encouragement. :)

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