Life as a Milshelb Mom is crazy, hectic, and FUN... it's mostly full of LOVE... love for a MilShelb who make my world go 'round.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Lucky Dog

I always talk abou how much I love Milly and Shelby. They truly make my life better and have made me a better person. I saw this story today on the Today Show and thought "wow! I'm not the only person who LOVES their dog!"
Thought I'd share the link...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catching Up With Me...

Well, time sure is catching up with me... I don't know if it's time or the lack there of... but somehow everything's catching up with me! lol
I have 4 days until the wedding. I have lots to do. I have no job. (Yes, I do have a part-time job, for which I am very thankful- but I need a full-time job.) I have to pack. I have to clean. I have to finish projects. I have to wash my hair. lol I have so much to do. I have no one to thank for all of this but myself and I know it. I put this all off until today and I can only blame me. I'm having a hard time staying positive- but it's certainly not for a lack of trying.
I am trying to have faith that things will all work out. I need things to work out. I know that they will in one way or another... because things always do- I'm just really having a hard time accepting that they may not work out exactly as I want them to. I have devoted the last 5 or more years of my life to my education so that I could become a teacher- so that I could make a difference. I am frustrated that this preparation has not led to a job.
I signed off saying that I would not view my references. I am now learning that that was a dumb move. I trusted people to be professional and say good things. I trust people too much. I have since learned that my references are not that good. It's not that they're "bad" but they're not perfect either. I am wondering if that has something to do with me not getting a job. I am feeling helpless and bad for myself and that is not a good thing to do. I won't say anymore baout that situation, as I am trying to be professional and may have already said too much.
I am tired. I am stressed. I am worried beyond belief. I am scared to death of not finding a job. This MilShelb Mom needs some prayers that she finds a job! lol

God, give me ground or give me wings... please. please. please.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prayer Works

I've learned in the last year or so that prayer really does work. Tonight I decided to look up quotes about prayer and share those with you...
Afterall, it take a lot of prayer to get through everyday life as a MilShelb Mom... lol

"Don't pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs." -Unknown
"There is a vast difference between saying prayers and praying." -Unknown
"Courage is fear that has said it's prayers." -Dorothy Bernard
"Pray and let God worry." -Martin Luther
"All prayers are answered if we are willing to admit that sometimes the answer is 'no'." -Unknown
"Grant that I may not pray alone with the mouth; help me that I may pray from the depths of my heart." -Martin Luther
"A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing." -Unknown
We must alter our lives in order to alter our hearts, for it is impossible to live one way and pray another. --William Law
Faith in a prayer-hearing God will make a prayer-loving Christian. --Andrew Murray
If you can't pray a door open, don't pry it open.-- Lyell Rader
Rich is the person who has a praying friend. --Janice Hughes

I suppose that's enough for now... just some things to think on.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, the wedding...

Well, the wedding is quickly approaching and I finally sat down this afternoon to make a list of things yet to be done... and, boy, is there a list! Goodness! I'm beginning to become a bit frazzled over everything- but the thing is if something doesn't get done it just doesn't get done and the wedding will still happen and at the end of the day we will still be married. lol

Milly and Shelby had a wonderful time at their Gma and Gpa's house yesterday for the Fourth of July. It was their Aunt Danielle's 21st birthday, so we had a nice cookout and enjoyed hanging out with the fam. Milly's favorite part was getting a bite of rib meat and Shelby truly enjoyed getting to help Danielle blow out her candles. lol

I'm still in search of a job- some things never change. lol I'm still praying every other minute that God will lead us to a place where we can make a difference. We will make it through this. I know we will. I'll find something. It may not be exactly what I had in mind- but God won't leave us hanging. I just know it.

As I'm typing this I'm reminded of a story told sometimes by preachers (including my own): There once was a town that had a flood. In this town was a man who prayed to God to get him out alive. About this time some people on a raft came by and asked if he wanted to join them. "No," said the man, "God's going to save me." As time went on the water rose and the man went ot the second story of his house. He prayed again "God, please get me out of here alive". About this time a boat came by and the people asked the man if he wanted to get in their boat. They told the man it was getting rough out there and he would surely drown. "No," answered the man, "God's going to save me." So on their way the people went. As time went by the water rose more and more until the man was forced to stand on his roof. Again he prayed to God to please get him out of here alive. About this time a helicopter came by and hovered over the house. The person in the helicopter yelled down to the man to grab the rope and he would take him to dry land. "No," answered the man yet again, "God's going to save me." Well, as anyone would imagine the man died. He drowned. When he got to heaven he asked God, "God, why didn't you save me?!" God answered, "I sent you a raft, boat, and helicopter. What more did you want?" lol

Well, that goes to show that you need to pray but god doesn't always answer things in the way you might have imagined. Obviously, that man wanted God to swoop down and grab him up and save him. God, however, sent three different ways for the man to be saved and the man chose to take none of them. It's not that He's not listening- it's that he sees the bigger picture!

Now, back to finishing up plans so that this MilShelb mom can get to bed!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Times... They Are A'Changin'...

Well, a great deal has happened since my last post. I had the interview and did not receive an offer. I took it in stride, though, because (as I keep saying) I'm trusting God to lead me. If I've learned one thing from my 23 years here on earth it is that we have to fail a few times so that we can truly appreciate success. Of course, it was dissappointing. I won't deny that- but, I am better for having the experience of the interview as it was unlike any other interview I have ever been in.

I had an interview in Rock Hill earlier this week- and also did not receive an offer for that job. I will say that I was crushed. I don't think it is so much that I did not get the job as that I feel that I am running out of time. Here it is the beginning of July and here I am- still unemployed. I am having a hard time putting all my faith in God and I know that I must do that. I'm working hard on it though and saying a constant prayer that He lead me and keep me strong. I know that when the time is right and the job is right I will find it or they will find me and it will work out. I also know that God sees things a little differently than the rest of us here on earth and He sees the BIG picture. I know that if I do not get a job this year (though it will be VERY DIFFICULT) He has something in store for Jake and myself that we cannot even imagine. I'll hang in there. I have no other choice.

I just wanted to post an update... and ask for prayers! I'm doing my best to keep my chin up and a smile on my face. I just pray that God blesses Jake and myself with a happy life and marriage. Our wedding is coming up very soon and I think that is another reason I am concerned about not having a job... but we will make it. We will be strong enough. I know they say it can't be done- but if it must we will live on love. lol