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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, the wedding...

Well, the wedding is quickly approaching and I finally sat down this afternoon to make a list of things yet to be done... and, boy, is there a list! Goodness! I'm beginning to become a bit frazzled over everything- but the thing is if something doesn't get done it just doesn't get done and the wedding will still happen and at the end of the day we will still be married. lol

Milly and Shelby had a wonderful time at their Gma and Gpa's house yesterday for the Fourth of July. It was their Aunt Danielle's 21st birthday, so we had a nice cookout and enjoyed hanging out with the fam. Milly's favorite part was getting a bite of rib meat and Shelby truly enjoyed getting to help Danielle blow out her candles. lol

I'm still in search of a job- some things never change. lol I'm still praying every other minute that God will lead us to a place where we can make a difference. We will make it through this. I know we will. I'll find something. It may not be exactly what I had in mind- but God won't leave us hanging. I just know it.

As I'm typing this I'm reminded of a story told sometimes by preachers (including my own): There once was a town that had a flood. In this town was a man who prayed to God to get him out alive. About this time some people on a raft came by and asked if he wanted to join them. "No," said the man, "God's going to save me." As time went on the water rose and the man went ot the second story of his house. He prayed again "God, please get me out of here alive". About this time a boat came by and the people asked the man if he wanted to get in their boat. They told the man it was getting rough out there and he would surely drown. "No," answered the man, "God's going to save me." So on their way the people went. As time went by the water rose more and more until the man was forced to stand on his roof. Again he prayed to God to please get him out of here alive. About this time a helicopter came by and hovered over the house. The person in the helicopter yelled down to the man to grab the rope and he would take him to dry land. "No," answered the man yet again, "God's going to save me." Well, as anyone would imagine the man died. He drowned. When he got to heaven he asked God, "God, why didn't you save me?!" God answered, "I sent you a raft, boat, and helicopter. What more did you want?" lol

Well, that goes to show that you need to pray but god doesn't always answer things in the way you might have imagined. Obviously, that man wanted God to swoop down and grab him up and save him. God, however, sent three different ways for the man to be saved and the man chose to take none of them. It's not that He's not listening- it's that he sees the bigger picture!

Now, back to finishing up plans so that this MilShelb mom can get to bed!

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