Life as a Milshelb Mom is crazy, hectic, and FUN... it's mostly full of LOVE... love for a MilShelb who make my world go 'round.

The MilShelb

Well, you simply cannot be a "MilShelb Mom" without a "MilShelb". MilShelb is the combination of their names, Milly and Shelby. They actually have their own blog at Life As The MilShelb and would love for you to drop by! Milly and Shelby are my life. They truly make my world go 'round.

We became MilShelb's parents when we "adopted" them. My husband (boyfriend at the time)'s parents dogs had three puppies... 2 girls and a boy. We fell in love with them and decided the 2 girls were ours! His parents were happy to let us have them since they had grown very attached to them and would get to see them often if we took them. We were so excited! You should have seen us. 

We named one Shelby and one Milly. (They were going to be Milly and Molly but my Mom advised against that because the names are so close they might get confused.) Of course, as with any child, one name is simply not enough. So, Shelby became "Shelby Ann Cobra" and Milly became "Milly Mae Vanilli". Shelby is named after the car, the Shelby Cobra as well as her Gma (my Mom) because they now share the middle name Ann. Milly was named after Milly Vanilli (of course, I think the Vanilli part started out as a joke and stuck) and after her Granny (the H's Mom) because they now share the middle name Mae.
Since becoming parents in June 2007, we have come to know how truly wonderful it is to come home to two sweet faces. We love our girls and are so proud to be their parents.

Shelby Ann Cobra

Milly Mae Vanilli