Life as a Milshelb Mom is crazy, hectic, and FUN... it's mostly full of LOVE... love for a MilShelb who make my world go 'round.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Pics

I said I'd post them... and here they are! :)

A MilShelb Update

He is your friend,your partner,your defender,your dog.You are his life,his love,his leader.He will be yours,faithful and true,to the last beat of his heart.You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.---Anonymous

Shelby was sitting on my lap earlier and commented that I hadn't written much about them recently, so I thought I'd update everyone...

Milly and Shelby are having a wonderful weekend! Their doggy parents and doggy uncle have come to visit for the weekend. They are enjoying their company most of the time... sometimes they're a bit jealous- but I think that's to be expected.
Shelby is a squirrel for Halloween and Milly is a Piggy. I'll post pics later. They're toooooo cute!!

I was out of town for two nights and two days this week... and I sure missed my MilShelb! They were so excited to see me when I got home. It is so nice to know that, no matter what else is going on, someone will be excited to see you! :) They're so sweet to me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Staying Positive

You know it's funny- I've been told on numerous occasions lately that I seem to be such a positive person and that people appreciate my outlook... the thing is that I think people get the wrong impression- that it comes naturally- ha! SOOOO not true! I will say that is through a great deal of growth, personal choice, and PRAYER that I get through the day with a smile on my face. Many of you know that things are not all flowers and sunshine right now with my life- but when I look at what it could be I can't help but be thankful for what I have. I wake up every day and know that I have a choice... and I cannot tell you how much better I feel when I make the choice to be happy. I wake up and literally say to myself "Ok Maggie- you can be positive or you can be negative. You can be nice or you can be mean. You can smile or you can cry. It's all up to you." At that point I smile to myself and move on with my day. I know that I have chosen the right attitude. I won't say that I pick that every day. Jake can tell you (hahaha) that I can be a major grouch and I sometimes have to reevaluate my attitude before I head out the door... and I do. I know that there are so many people who have such difficult things going on in their lives and who am I to make it any harder?? I hope that I can make it through life and not have one single person say that I made their life difficult or ruined their day. I won't say that I always make it through the day positive- I get frustrated just like everyone else- but as soon as I do I say a little prayer to let it go.
So, to those of you who have noticed- thank you. I am trying to be a better person and with God by my side I know I cannot fail- it make take multiple tries and I'll have a few bumps along the way- but I know I'll get through it all.

I had a very good day today. I went to an interview... and though I do not know the outcome I know that I will not be upset with myself if the outcome is not what I want- because I know without a doubt that I did my BEST. I answered the questions with my whole heart and tried my hardest. Nothing can be said of my in that regard. I prayed and prayed that I would get this job- but I know in my heart that God is in my driver's seat and I'm just along for the ride- so where ever He picks my next stop to be is just fine by me. :) Let's just hope I don't lose my mind before then. ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unanswered Prayers

I am living proof in the true blessings of "unanswered prayers". It's not that they were not answered- it's that they were not answered in exactly the way I thought they should/would be... and I thank God every day for being smarter/wiser than I am. Only He is able to see the big picture and where I am going... I am constantly praying for things, not getting them, and having such bigger and better things come my way. As many of you know for the last year or so I have prayed and prayed that God would find me a job. I haven't found one... but I haven't given up. I keep praying that He will lead us to a place where I can make a difference and truly help children succeed. I am trying my hardest to follow Him with my heart. It's not always easy- but in this time I have moved back to Rock Hill, gotten my feet back on the ground with church and set my heart right with that, met many new and interesting people who have truly made me a better person, and have grown so much by not being as selfish and learning to "stretch that dollar!" I am so very thankful for His plans for me... for His seemingly "unanswered prayers". There is just no telling what I and my life would be like had I had every single prayer answered exactly the way I wanted at that time.
Once again, and for reasons I will no yet list on here, I feel I am reaching the end of my current "tunnel" and stepping out into the darkness of the unknown... and this is my constant prayer- Dear Lord, give me ground or give me wings!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a Believer

I heard a song the other day for the first time and it really touched me... it's called "Believers" by Joe Nichols. I know that not everyone out there is a country fan but it's such a great song! It talks about believers and how it's important to believe in something. I am so glad that I am believer. I believe in so many things... mostly, I believe in God, love, and family. I believe that every single person was put here for a reason. I believe that God has big plans for me. I believe that Jake and I will make it. I believe in a life-long love. I believe in animal rights. I believe that people know what's right but some choose to do what's wrong. I believe that it all boils down to what you believe with all of your heart... and with all of my heart I believe in God and His wonderful, mighty, powerful love for me- a sinner.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tear Jerker...

by Debra Easterling

Ben and Jake were inseparable.

Sure, Ben loved me. We had been married thirty years or more.
But there was a bond between him and that Retriever tighter than a
three-ply cattle rope.

Every night like clockwork, my husband, Ben, would come home at
6pm, shake off his boots, and hang up his coat while Jake danced back
and forth. He'd always be rewarded for his performance as Ben
stooped to rub his ears. The grateful dog would then immediately run
to our room, pick up Ben's slippers as if they were as fragile as egg
shells, and then he would bring them to Ben's big easy chair.

Once the fuzzy slippers were snug on Ben's feet, Jake would walk
around in circles until he found just the right spot beside Ben's
chair. It was always the same spot, but the dog relentlessly made a
ritual of settling down.

After the evening news, Jake would take his place beside Ben at
the dinner table. He didn't beg for food, like other dogs. He
merely rested his golden head on Ben's lap until my husband was
through with his meal. With the dishes washed and dried, Ben would
stagger into the hallway and find Jake waiting beside the chair,
leash in his mouth, waiting for their nightly walk.

Without fail, Ben would say sweet terms of endearment to his
buddy as he again donned his coat and boots. No matter what the
weather, the two of them would head out to embrace the elements

Last year about this time, a drunk driver drove his truck into
Ben's path. My husband did his best to veer the bus out of the way,
but there wasn't enough time. Ben and three passengers went to live
with Jesus that night. I lost the only man I ever loved and his
passing was extremely hard. I was grateful we had no children to
break the news to, but there was Jake.

The poor thing couldn't understand why Ben didn't come home. He
waited at the door every night at 6pm for a month. Ben never came in
to rub his ears. There was no one to dance for. I walked him every
night, but he only sat at edge of the property, waiting and watching.
Jake barely touched his food. He never joined me at the table. I
tried to make him feel better every once in a while by placing some
of Ben's clothes by his old chair, but Jake preferred to sleep now by
the door. Jake spent many evenings with his big yellow nose poised
on the doorstop, whimpering in his sleep. I thought my heart would

Last night was the one year anniversary of Ben's passing. I
didn't bother to cook a meal. Food had little appeal. Even with
Jake by my side, I felt so alone.

Then suddenly, promptly at 6pm, Jake jumped to his feet and ran
to the door. He danced back and forth wagging his tail, whining like
a puppy, full of glee. He dipped his head, and then he bounded to
the top of the stairs, grabbed the slippers, and raced down to gently
lay them at Ben's chair. Jake then walked in circles, over and over
again, until he found the right spot, and laid himself down.

Naturally, I thought the poor old dog had finally lost it. His
grief caused him to recreate his nightly ritual. I bent down to pet
sweet Jake with the intention of whispering comforting words into his
floppy ears.

As I did, I found that my darling Ben had come back for his
faithful friend so they could both live with Jesus. The two of them
went for a final walk to embrace the elements together.

-- Debra Easterling

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Note of Thanks

I received two very nice notes today about my previous post. The two people know who they are and I want to say thanks! It was so sweet of you to be so sweet to me. I truly appreciate it. It made my day to know that I have made a difference. As I told one of the girls, I pray each and every day that God will help me to have a positive impact on others. I am so glad to know that my prayers have been answered and I am not praying in vain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is the day that the Lord has made. I will REJOICE and be glad in it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I've Come So Far

I had a friend ask me a question today that made me think back to when I had surgery. I know not everyone knows this, but when I was in high school I had surgery for Scoliosis. It was the summer after my freshman year. It was a crazy time for me. I had a hard time accepting it. In sixth grade I was diagnosed and ended up having to wear a back brace. I hated it. I absolutely thought it was the worst thing ever to have to wear that. In middle school all anyone is concerned about is how other people see them and what others think of them... and I was a wreck thinking about how other people would think I was "different" or "dorky" or whatever. I got over it eventually... when I found out I had to have surgery I was mad. I was scared. I was also happy- because that meant no more back brace.
I can still vividly remember the morning of the surgery. We had to be there VERY early and I was a nervous wreck. I was so afraid. I held it together until they made me take the hair-tie that I always wore on my wrist off... and I lost it! I cried and cried. They gave me something to calm me down and I don't remember anything until I was on my way to my room after the surgery. My mom says when I was in the recovery room I kept yelling for her and they eventually went and got her but I was still yelling for her. I didn't have a clue what was going on.
My room was on the pediatric floor. When I had to walk around the hall (which was not as easy as you'd think because I was sooo stiff I really had to work to stand up straight) I noticed all of the children in the hospital rooms near mine. I felt sad for them. They were little kids and they were stuck in the hospital... they couldn't be out enjoying their summer. It made me realize how lucky I was. Sure, my back hurt- but I knew I would get better (and did) but some of those children wouldn't. I had an amazing childhood and a little tiny bump in my teens was really nothing to complain about. I am thankful for my childhood and for every little day of my life since then. I'd taken so much for granted and I didn't want to do that anymore.
People always ask me if my back still hurts or if I feel any different... I'll admit that there are things I can't do and won't be able to do, but it's ok. My life is not any less rich because of those tiny things that have changed. I'm not allowed to go bungee jumping- but I never cared to anyhow. I'm not allowed to jump on a trampoline- but it's really not safe anyhow... though I sure did love it when we had one when I was younger. I can't do sit ups- my back just won't allow it. I just can't get it together to do it... though I wasn't good at them before and that may have something to do with that. I can't do certain exercises due to the fact that I simply can't bend in certain ways- but it really doesn't bother me. I will say that when I am really cold and shiver alot my back gets tired... some people will say it has nothing to do with the rods in my back but I say that it didn't happen before... lol. I don't like to go to concerts anymore because the loud noises make my back vibrate and the next day I am really sore... again, people will argue that it has nothing to do with the rods... and again I will argue that it didn't happen before... lol.
I won't say that it was easy. It wasn't easy. I don't say this to scare people- only to let them know this simple fact: It has truly made me a stronger person. I am who I am in large part because I had Scoliosis. I accept people with differences readily and I am not afraid of things like surgery (like when I had my wisdom teeth out...). I figure if I can go through that and be more than ok I can do most anything. :)

Just some thoughts...

Well, this semester is flying by... I have soooo much to do and soooo little time in which to do it. I am starting to stress over it all. I know I'll get it all done- I don't have a choice. I just get so caught up in it all sometimes that I nearly crack under the pressure.

I worked Saturday from 9:45am- nearly 1 the next morning... it made for a LONG day... but I am so thankful for the opportunity to work and the fact that it's for such an awesome company makes it even better. I had a great time- it was HARD WORK, but the people I work with are so nice and I just loved the fact that it was never boring.

I went to a funeral Sunday for a friend of mine's father. It was so sad. He graduated from high school with my step dad and it just really hit home for me. It really made me thankful for my friends and family and I am truly blessed for the time that I have with them. I am so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people every day. My friend and her family are in my daily prayers.

It's funny, you know, how people's lives can be nothing like they seem. I came across a couple this weekend that had tons of money and seemed to have the picture perfect life but it turned out that they had really had a hard time in the last couple of years with illnesses and deaths in their families- I thought to myself that I may not have much in the way of money when compared to people like that- but I have so much more than most when I think of my family and friends. I am so blessed.

I heard an old song today that made me think of Jake... seems like we don't see each other as much as we used to- and we live in the same house now! lol Anyhow, it's a song by John Michael Montgomery and it goes like this: I get up and battle the day, Things don't always go my way, It might rain, But that's okay, I get to come home to you... you are my best friend, and you are where my heart is, and i know at the days end i get to come home to you... i love coming home to you" It's so comforting to know that at the end of every day there he is... love of my life. There's just something so sweet about the simple pleasure of knowing someone's there for you no matter what. I am so lucky to have Jake in my life.