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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Heavy Heart Day

Some days I have what I refer to in my head as "heavy heart days". On these types of days I find myself thinking a lot about something going on in my life or the lives of people I care about. It consumes my mind and makes me feel a little sad. 
Today has been one of those days. There are (and have been) some things going on in my life that weigh me down. It's not really one thing, but many little things. You know what they say- it's the little things that make your life. The things is that most of these things are things I simply cannot do anything about. I was sending an email to a new coworker today explaining a few things about a program we have at our school called the Leader in Me and in this email I told her about how I really like the "circle of concern" that is addressed in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. As I was typing that it dawned on me. I am not (though I really do try) truly living all of the 7 Habits if I am sitting here focusing on things that are outside of my circle of concern. 
I have worried over this issue (again, there are more than just one issue, but one BIG one) and thoughts about it and stressed over it and complained about it. I have talked and talked and talked about it. I saw this on Pinterest the other day...
I think it's fair to say I haven't. So, today I am going to begin working on praying about it and letting God handle it. I know He has a plan. He always has a plan and trusting in Him includes trusting in His timing and his end results. It just hurts sometimes.