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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Unanswered Prayers

I am living proof in the true blessings of "unanswered prayers". It's not that they were not answered- it's that they were not answered in exactly the way I thought they should/would be... and I thank God every day for being smarter/wiser than I am. Only He is able to see the big picture and where I am going... I am constantly praying for things, not getting them, and having such bigger and better things come my way. As many of you know for the last year or so I have prayed and prayed that God would find me a job. I haven't found one... but I haven't given up. I keep praying that He will lead us to a place where I can make a difference and truly help children succeed. I am trying my hardest to follow Him with my heart. It's not always easy- but in this time I have moved back to Rock Hill, gotten my feet back on the ground with church and set my heart right with that, met many new and interesting people who have truly made me a better person, and have grown so much by not being as selfish and learning to "stretch that dollar!" I am so very thankful for His plans for me... for His seemingly "unanswered prayers". There is just no telling what I and my life would be like had I had every single prayer answered exactly the way I wanted at that time.
Once again, and for reasons I will no yet list on here, I feel I am reaching the end of my current "tunnel" and stepping out into the darkness of the unknown... and this is my constant prayer- Dear Lord, give me ground or give me wings!

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