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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Prayer Works

I've learned in the last year or so that prayer really does work. Tonight I decided to look up quotes about prayer and share those with you...
Afterall, it take a lot of prayer to get through everyday life as a MilShelb Mom... lol

"Don't pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs." -Unknown
"There is a vast difference between saying prayers and praying." -Unknown
"Courage is fear that has said it's prayers." -Dorothy Bernard
"Pray and let God worry." -Martin Luther
"All prayers are answered if we are willing to admit that sometimes the answer is 'no'." -Unknown
"Grant that I may not pray alone with the mouth; help me that I may pray from the depths of my heart." -Martin Luther
"A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing." -Unknown
We must alter our lives in order to alter our hearts, for it is impossible to live one way and pray another. --William Law
Faith in a prayer-hearing God will make a prayer-loving Christian. --Andrew Murray
If you can't pray a door open, don't pry it open.-- Lyell Rader
Rich is the person who has a praying friend. --Janice Hughes

I suppose that's enough for now... just some things to think on.

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