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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camels and Fallen Trees

Well, I woke up yesterday morning later than usual because we did not get home from my sister's wedding at the beach until late. I am a person who goes to bed by 10... so 12:30 really threw me off. Anyhow, Shelby has been sick for the last few days (potty issues). Saturday morning after hand feeding her some of her food she threw up. (yuck.) Of course, I know this is not good and I quickly called the vet. They said they could work us in. So, I threw on some clothes (since I was still in my night gown), grabbed Shelby, and ran out the door. 
As we backed down the driveway I noticed that the big beautiful tree in our front yard was half way laying on the ground... hmmm... aren't trees supposed to be vertical? I think so. I called Jake and told him to look at it and continued on my way to the vet.

Once there it was awful. We waited for a long time... which is fine, really, because we did not have an appointment and I understand how all that works. As I sat there I saw a man who had clearly been crying carry out a box. I nearly cried myself. What a sad day for him. Later, I saw two men come in with a kitten (that did not belong to them, but they found on their church grounds) that had been attacked (by what they think was) an owl or a hawk. After some discussion about costs and likelihood (or unlikelihood rather) of the cat recovering after the infection and having to have it's leg removed they decided to put the cat to sleep. My heart broke for that poor little kitten. As a lady in the waiting room said, "this is exactly what happens when people do not spay and neuter their pets." So true. Irresponsible human behavior no doubt caused this issue in some way. Poor little kitten.
Well, they called Shelby back and back we walked... with a heavy heart. After all of that I just wanted to grab her and run out the door! Of course, I needed to know what was wrong. So, after some discussion and a test it was decided that she has a bad upset stomach due to us changing her food. I am not sure I completely agree but we will see if she is better Monday after using the medication they gave us. Hopefully that is all it is. They also said she was dehydrated and gave her fluids. Well, me, being the dumby I am, did not know what this meant. The vet tech came and got her and when she came back he said, "here's your camel" and he was not kidding! That's what she looks like. Poor kid. 

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