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Monday, June 28, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

I know you've seen some pictures of him before, but they're never very good. I thought this was a pretty good one. It was taken at my sister's wedding this weekend. Isn't he just precious?

Does anyone else ever have problems getting their husband to smile for the camera? Jake just hates having his picture taken! He didn't realize I was taking this one but I think it turned out well.


  1. How sweet!!

    i came by to say that i receive an award and would so love to share it with you... please do come and get it.. will ya?

  2. Brandon was TERRIBLE when we first started dating. Now, I'm quite the shutter-bug, so he has come around. However, he still likes to get a big ol' smile and then close his eyes to ruin a perfectly good picture.

    Oh boys.