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Friday, June 25, 2010

Award For Me!

I received an award from Katie at I am Wonderfully Made. I love her blog! She does a great job and has very interesting posts! :) Thanks, Katie!!

I am supposed to say where I see myself in ten years and then pass on the award. 

In ten years, I will be sitting in a house owned by my husband and myself... on a couch between Milly and Shelby. I will still be teaching and doing well at it. I will have all of these stupid student loans paid off!

So, who gets this award??? 
1. Marlie at Southern Reflections. Love her and her blog!
2. Laura at along for the ride. She currently has a great challenge going on that I am participating in... and failing miserably (but that's another post some other time lol).
3. Puddles and her Mom at we 3 doxies. It is a great blog! Especially if you need a laugh!
4. Oxana at Tightwad in Training. She has really great ideas!!


  1. Thanks, sweetness!! :o) I'm following I Am Wonderfully Made Now!! Looks like you'll be really happy in 10 years!! :o)

  2. OO, never mind I see it plain as day...DUH!!!!
    This will be fuuuuuuun!
    I likes where you will be in 10 yrs.