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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Young and In Love

Once upon a time we were young and in love... not that we are not still young and in love. We are. We're only 24. We're newly weds (nearly 9 months). I am blessed to have Jake as my husband. He is an amazing man. When I look back at pictures like the one above I can't help but go back to the "simpler" days in my mind... days when we were carefree. :) I miss those days. The picture above was at Myrtle Beach for Mustang Week the first year we were together... we'd actually only met about 2 months before. Jake was not my "type" but, as one of my co-workers (at the time) told me "look where that type's gotten you"... and, boy, was she right? I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took a chance on a long-haired, bearded, horrible dresser in a bright yellow Mustang. Nor can I express how glad I am that he took a chance on me. I love that man more than life itself. Jake, you are my whole heart. :)

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  1. SO sweet...What a great wife you are and such a cute couple!! :-D