Life as a Milshelb Mom is crazy, hectic, and FUN... it's mostly full of LOVE... love for a MilShelb who make my world go 'round.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doxie Love

I finished the painting I have been working on for our living room. It's nothing fancy, but it really represents us and our home. We truly LOVE our MilShelb. They have taught us so much about life. They make the days worth it and the hard times a little easier. Some people may think I'm strange, but there truly is no other love like the love we have for them and they have for us.
(Sorry for making you turn your head weird ways- I'll look in to how to rotate these on here!)


  1. Oh, My, you sell these????? Adorable.

  2. Thank you so much! I don't normally sell artwork, as I do it from my heart for my home... however when I posted it on facebook I have had a few friends ask if I would do one for them. If you are willing to pay for the canvas and shipping I would be happy to make you one. You're welcome to contact me via email (listed on my sidebar) if you'd like to have one. Thanks again for the compliments!

  3. You are so talented!! :-D I think you found a job!! :-D