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Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh Happy Days...

I had a great day today! I don't think it would really be out of the ordinary for anyone else, but it was just PERFECT for me!
A friend of my best friend asked me to sub in her classroom today. She teaches second grade. Second grade is the age I student taught in and, by default, is my favorite grade. I love that age! There's just nothing like them. :) I had to get up sooooo early to get there in time. I got up at 5. I know that's not early for most working people, but I slept til 9 the morning before... so you get the picture. The thing was, I woke up at 4:30 and could not fall back to sleep out of (I'll admit it and feel a bit stupid) excitement! lol I haven't gotten the chance to work with younger students in so long.
Anyhow, I got to the school around 7... which is why I had to wake up so early because the school is 45 minutes from my house. I got there at 7 and left when school was out around 2:15. The kids were great. The other teachers, subs, office staff... they were all so NICE! I was very impressed. The principal even remembered me from the job fair I went to in February. Now, I know some people would think "biiiiig whoop". But, there were hundreds of people there and I only got to speak with her for about 3 minutes. I feel like I must have made some sort of impression on here and that made me feel good. For those of you who read this blog and don't know me, I am admittedly an outgoing, smiling, happy, friendly, and approachable person. I feel like people notice that I am not nervous and I am confident in myself. I also have been told that I tend to give off a very positive vibe. (I really try to be a very positive person.) So, anyhow, that just really made my day that she remembered me!
Another thing is that when I left the school I had a message about a job I had applied for at a preschool facility as a lead teacher. I called them back and explained that I would be doing a long term sub position very soon and won't be available until June. they said they were looking to fill the current positions in the next two weeks, but are planning to have more openings in mid to late June and would contact me then (apparently they will be opening more classrooms). Perfect! I am so excited to have a prospect.
I picked up Taco Bell on my way home. I LOVE Taco Bell! It is truly a personal favorite. When I got home Jake and I ate our dinner and watched two shows we had on the DVR. What a great day!! :) I know it seems simple, but I really really enjoyed it!!

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