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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've Never Been One...

to keep up with political things or news or things unrelated to my every day life. I know this is a horrible thing to admit, and I do not at all consider it to be one of my better qualities... but, it is the truth and honesty is the best policy!
Anyhow, I just finished reading "Veil of Roses" by Laura Fitzgerald.
What an amazing book. It was so interesting! I have always known that, living in America, I am a lucky person. I am truly blessed with freedoms that, as the author points out through her character in the novel, I take for granted every single day of my life. In terms of this book, I was able to date before being engaged and then married. I was able to truly know the man I am married to. I cannot imagine not even knowing someone and then being expected to be married to them... then there is the idea of arranged marriages. I know that this is something that still exists and it is something I cannot even fathom. The thought of my parents picking the man I would marry makes me laugh out loud! I know they would have my best interest at heart... but we have different ideas on so many things... I can only imagine who they would have picked. Though, I like to think if they had met Jake they would have picked him for me! He is wonderful! Anyhow, I recommend this book. It is truly eye opening (especially if you don't keep up with anything like me).
I am thankful for the life I have been blessed with. I am thankful for the freedoms I have been granted simply by being born American.

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