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Monday, April 5, 2010

Made Me Think

You know, I read people's blogs every day. I keep up with what everyone I "follow" posts. I was reading "Exploits of a Military Mama" ( and her post today was about lessons she has learned through her husband's deployment. She made many wonderful points and I felt that many of them apply to people who don't have military spouses as well. She closed by asking if any of her readers have any marriage rules that we make sure to follow. I responded by telling that we do not leave the house without saying "I love you" even if we're mad. You never know what might happen out there in the big ol' world.
On a less depressing note, I thought I'd add a few other "rules" (spoken or not) that help us to live in the same house and remain in a pretty good relationship. (Thanks for the idea, Sally!)
1. Pick up after yourself. You are an adult and you are capable of doing this. (I'll admit, this is my WORST one to follow. I am working on it though.)
2. Share. Share whatever needs to be shared. If you think it'd make the other person happy, then share it! Don't be selfish.
3. Respect the other person's space. Each person should have their own space... and that space should be respected.
4. Respect each other.
5. Open up. Say what you think but say it in a nice way. Don't hurt feelings on purpose.

There are so many more... but the more I write these the more I think it sounds like Jake and I don't get along. lol The truth is, I am married to a man that I not only love, but respect and admire. He is an amazing person and I am blessed to share my life with him. Do we get along 100% of the time? No. Who does? No one. (And if they say they do- they're pulling your leg. lol) But, we can always remember and keep in mind that we said "I do" and we're in it for the long haul. We truly are "two peas in a pod." I love that man. :)

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