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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Few Pictures and Stuff

Well, today has been busy but good. I helped my mom out at her school and also got to enjoy a dinner with my parents, younger sister, and her boyfriend. It was great to get to see everyone. :)

I've been preparing for the next long-term substitute position that I'm doing. It will start by May 5th but could really start at any time. I am really excited to get back to teaching!

I really hope I will be able to find a teaching job next year, but I am being realistic and realize that that will most likely not happen due to the fact that many teachers in our area are (unfortunately) being laid off. It makes me sad that education is not held as a top priority for so many. It should be close to number one... but it's not. I just feel like there are soooo many things that could change and/or be fixed if we had a better educated society. So many people put their all into their jobs as educators, but there is only so much that can be done with little resources, etc. It makes me sad. I feel like it is a great disadvantage to the students... I won't go on with the rambling because it gets me nowhere but frustrated! :)

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share with you!

Here's me... :)
Here's the "H" (I call him the H... short for "husband", of course!)
Milly, my love
Shelby... my heart!

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