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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Can we say "overwhelmed"??? Man. I am so overwhelmed. There is so much going on. We have looked and looked for somewhere to live and have not found anywhere yet. We are, yet again, making a trip tomorrow to look for a house to rent. Hopefully we will find something. I am so sick of looking! lol We don't have a lot of demands for a house, but the things we want are not negotiable and make it difficult to find something. Apparently, finding a house with a fenced-in yard and little/no carpet is like finding a needle in a haystack. Who knew?
On top of looking for somewhere to live, I still need to move things to my classroom and set it all up. This will take me ten years. No... not really. I mean, I just have to get in there and get it done. I'm ok with that though. I'm actually really looking forward to setting everything up!
I happened to realize today while sitting in church that today is July 11th. I have exactly 1 month until I start school. (Not the kids... just the teachers.) Yikes!! That really made me cringe.
So, I need to find somewhere to live, move, set up a house and a classroom in less than a month. Really? Ha! I'll ask you one more time, can we say "overwhelmed"?!
I'm not freaking out though. Really. I know this post may seem like it, but I'm not. I am a little worried that I will be super stressed, but I am not yet. I'm just beginning to feel overwhelmed. I know I have enough time to do all of this stuff. I know that. I just think once I move some stuff into my classroom (hopefully this week) I will feel much better. Did you see that? "MY CLASSROOM"!!! Yay!!!!

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