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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 24 of 30 Day Blog Journal

Where I live.
Well, I am having a hard time with this post because I don't believe in posting exacts about where I live.

However, I will say, I live in good ol' South Cackalacky (that's South Carolina, for those of you who don't know). 
I love South Carolina. There is truly nothing finer than being a Carolina Gamecock! 

We've got beaches. 

We've got mountains. 
(This is actually the view from the chapel where my parents got married.)

In fact, if you're not from here you'd probably say we even have our own language. 
For example, we are never "about to" do something. We're "fixin' to". We don't shop at "Food Lion". We shop at "Food Line." (We realize it is Lion, but we draw out the I and leave out the O lol.) We don't have "birthdays", we have "birtdays." My husband's personal favorite is when people say, "Great Day!" or "Great day in the mornin'!" He had never heard that and thinks it is soooo funny! This blog post sums it up perfectly.

My most recent pride point is that the Gamecocks baseball team are National Champions! I mean, Go Cocks! That's all I can say.

The thing is. I was born an raised in South Carolina. I am a Southern girl at heart. Y'all is part of my daily vocabulary. I LOVE sweet tea. I love grits. I can go out and get dirty on a four-wheeler and still dress up and be the belle of the ball the next hour. There is something great about the Southern way of life. It's slow paced. It's friendly. No one thinks you're crazy when you smile and wave at people you don't know. No one gives you a funny look when you talk to them in the line at Walmart.

If you've never been to South Carolina... it's worth the trip!!


  1. Hahah! Great day in the mornin! I love it. That's a new phrase added to my vernacular right now.

    Go COCKS! Wooohoo! A cheer I say often when I'm looking at my eharmony account.

    And South Cackalacky. Awesome.

    I will always think of Stephen Colbert when I think of South Carolina.