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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Loathe Packing

I hate packing. Does anyone else feel this way? Packing is the pits. I'm not talking about packing for trips, though I do also despise that task, I am talking about packing to move. Packing is difficult. It reminds you of many things. For example, I am a pack-rat. I keep everything. However, I have been throwing stuff out left and right this time. I also have soooo many clothes. I love clothes. I buy clothes all the time... or used to. I love shoes and scarfs and coats and jeans and tank tops... you get the picture. I just love clothes. My husband also owns a great deal of clothes. Between the two of us we could easily fill up a small UHaul with just our clothes. Last time we moved we rented a 24-foot Budget truck. 24 foot. Yes. You see that. You are correct. We are two people with two small dogs... and we packed that thing out. We more than packed it out. We couldn't even fit all of our stuff in it! We ran out of room... by a lot. So, you can see why I dread packing. I have already packed up my guest bedroom. I have started on my kitchen stuff, because, let's face it, I don't cook. The H packed up most of our random living room things. We told Milly to pack up her toys. She promptly gave us a dirty look and trotted out the door. Guess we'll pack that last. 
Along with packing everything I own, I also have to clean this house. I am no good at "keeping" a house. I am messy. The house isn't dirty, it's just messy. So, while packing I have to clean out and then clean up everything. 
We are really having problems finding a house. I don't understand why. We just have 4 things we must have. We must have a fence. We must have a dishwasher (no really. this is a must. it will kill my marriage if there is not one.). We must have little to no carpet. I really prefer no carpet but can deal with very little. We must have no stairs. Those of you who have doxies understand that those are bad bad bad for them. Milly and Shelby, however, do not understand that. They LOVE stairs. Whenever we are around them they feel the need to run up and down the stairs. Not good.
Anyhow, I'm back to packing... and griping. lol


  1. I'm with you! I'm moving in two weeks...and haven't even started to pack. I hold out hope that the packing fairy will swing by and take care of it. :-)

  2. Oh man I do not envy you one bit haha. I am a super horrible pack rat and our house is so cluttered! I don't know what I am going to do if we ever move again. We have so much crap. I don't even know where it all came from! There are only two of us I just don't get it! Anyways good luck with your packing. At least you are starting now and not waiting until the last minute like I would!