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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 25 of 30 Day Blog Journal

Ok, today's journal is "your day in great detail". I am writing about yesterday (Tuesday).

Got up at 7:40(ish)... because Milly and Shelby decided it was time for me to get up.
Went to the living room and checked email, facebook, blogs, etc.
(Did that for WAY too long- like a few hours lol)
In my defense I was also looking for rental properties online because we will be moving sometime soon for my job. (YAY!)
Sat on the couch and watched tv with Milly and Shelby. Got annoyed by Milly and her stupid tennis ball.
Took a shower around 11:30.
Made Jake (the H) and myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.
Dried my hair (yuck. I need a haircut). Put on makeup (not much though because it's so HOT here it really only melts off after about 10 minutes outside.)
Checked my email once more.
Got in the car with the H and drove to the town we are moving to.
Tried to look at some houses. LOL. Key word being tried.
Had Sonic burger, fries, and Lemon Drop (new) slushie. It was DELISH!
Drove around some more looking for potential homes.
Met lady about a house. Looked at it. Loved it. Decided maybe it is a scam. Time shall tell.
Drove home.
Fed MilShelb and let them out to play.
Threw the STUPID tennis ball.
Checked email, facebook, blogs.
Looked for more houses.
Watched tv and ate some popcorn (yes. I had popcorn for dinner).
Watched HawthoRNe with the H.
Looked for more houses.
Wrote this blog.
Checked more email, etc.
Took Milly and Shelby to bed.
Go to sleep.

How boring is that. I will say, however, that my days change every single day. I have next to no routine right now because my job doesn't start until August.

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  1. Sounds a lot like my life, actually. School doesn't start til August, so I am very random these days.

    You should be happy she wants you to throw the tennis ball. My Olive always wants to play but currently doesn't like any of her toys, so she just paws at me and barks at random objects around the room instead of really playing. Unfortunately for both of us, payday isn't until the 15th, so we have another week of this crap before I can get her a new toy or two.