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Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Year Anniversary

This song, "I Just Call You Mine" by Martina McBride really says it all. I know I don't talk too much about Jake on my blog. I don't sing his praises nearly as much as I should. The truth is, he is my knight in shining armor. Jake is always there to make me smile, to rescue me, to "fix" everything. He's there to listen when I need to talk/complain/cry/laugh/vent. He's there to give advice when I need it... and knows when it's best to keep his mouth shut. He is a good man. I am blessed to call him my husband. Many people know Jake. Many people like Jake. Many people admire him and think very highly of him. Many people love Jake. I am the lucky one. I am his wife. 
Jake and I met about 4 years ago. The night I met him I knew. I knew there was something special about him. I soon learned that this "something special" was love. And it's not just that I loved him... but that he loved me, too. Me. Just for exactly who I am. Jake has never, in the 4 plus years I have known him, wanted me to be anyone other than exactly who I am. I think that really says something about him. The night I met Jake he had on this HORRIBLE gray fleece shirt. I mean HORRIBLE. Now, keep in mind that the reason this stood out to me was because it was June. June in South Carolina. Hmmmm... turns out he was wearing that because he hadn't bothered to do laundry lately. What a man. He had on these AWFUL white basketball shoes. I laughed to myself when I saw the shoes. I was thinking he must be a loser. lol He also had loooong hair. I almost always have short hair. His hair was half way down his back... and it was beautiful. He has the best hair I have ever seen. (It's short now... and to be honest, I miss it. Call me dweeby.)
You know, I have strong opinions about the saying "my other half" or "better half" and all of that. I don't like it. I have always said that Jake and I are two complete people all by ourselves. This is true. But, I will admit, I would not be half the woman I am today without Jake. He has truly made me a better person. He has made me proud to be exactly who I am. He has made me know that I am beautiful. He has shown me true, unconditional love. There is just nothing like loving someone and knowing without a doubt that the love you feel for them is returned to you. He puts me first. He asks for my thoughts, feelings, and opinions... and he values them. He is my partner. He is also my leader. He is mostly my friend. He is my heart. He is the reason for the smile on my face. I love coming home to Jake.
I cannot believe it has been a year. We have been married an entire year. Wow. I mean, I won't lie, not all of it has been a walk in the park. To be honest, though, the things that went wrong were never between the two of us. Jake and I really don't fight. There's just not really anything worth fighting over when I think about the fact that I have to share a home with this man for the rest of my life. It really puts things into perspective. lol We went through a lot in our first year of marriage. We still have many more struggles to get through... many many more mountains to climb... but I cannot tell you how much easier life is knowing that someone is on your side and helping you through. It is just the best feeling ever.

So, to Jake: You are my heart. You are the sunshine in my day... my life. Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me exactly as I am. Thank you for your strength that I have called upon time and time again this year. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your last name. Thank you for your promise... and for keeping it. I choose you, Jake. Every day. Every moment. I choose you.

Us at the beach the second month we were dating.
After we signed our marriage license!
Leaving the reception.
Looking into the future ;)
Us at my sister's wedding in June 2010.

Happy First Year Anniversary, Mr. MilShelb Dad! ;)


  1. This is so sweet, I am tearing up. I love hearing about other people's love stories! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Love the pictures.

    And i have an award for ya at my blog.... please come and grab it whenever you can!

    Underneath His Wrapping