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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Super Proud of Me

I am very proud of me and my emerging "green thumb." I've always been a person who has literally ended up killing all of the plants I've ever tried to keep... of course, I blame that on the fact that I was living in Columbia, SC... which I refer to as the hottest place on earth. Things just don't grow there. Pair that with the fact that I don't believe in watering plants after the first few days they're in the ground and you get exactly what I got- DEAD plants. Well, now that we are no longer living in Columbia and actually have a yard that belongs only to us (as long as we pay the rent lol) I decided that I would try once more. Well, whatdoyaknow? It worked! (Much to my (and I think my husband's as well) surprise!
I took this picture today of one of the flower beds in the back yard. The plants have grown sooo much! I am so excited.
This is what they looked like when I first planted them... pretty puny.
This plant is looking very pretty... but it has fallen over. I'm thinking I need to get something to help it stand up.
These Elephant Ears are so exciting to me! My Mom bought me two (I think they're called) bulbs and I planted them. I waited and waited and nothing happened. I tend to be one of those people who believe that things happen overnight... and Rome was built in a day! lol Anyhow, they finally came up and have been growing a TON ever sense. I am so excited to see how big they get. (Excuse the gas can in the background. That, of course, belongs to my "better half".)
Ok, I know it's Money Grass and just about everybody and their brother has it. That may be true, but what's great about this particular Monkey Grass (and the rest of the ton of it in my yard) is that I sat on my rear end in the yard one day with scissors and cut it back neatly... and I am so proud of how nicely it has come back. It was really looking rough before. That's the thing about rental houses. They get all sorts of renters and apparently the last ones weren't much on yard work.
Another thing about this Monkey Grass is that I just LOVE the color. If I could paint my kitchen this color I would. However, painting is not allowed. My landlord probably wouldn't mind, but Jake does not believe in painting a temporary home. He says to save all that for when we buy one... and as soon as we do I'm printing this picture and heading over to Home Depot to find a paint color to match!
This is such a neat plant. It just sits there flat on the ground. I just love it! It has done really well. I think it's supposed to spread and I hope it does. I think it's a really neat looking plant.
Anyhow, the whole point is that I am so proud of these plants. I really didn't do anything except for put them in the ground and water them for a day or two... but they look awesome and it just shows me I can grow things!

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