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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blog Award

Well, I was lucky enough to be chosen by my dear friend Marlie at Southern Loves for an award. She is so sweet to pick me as one of her ten! :) I'm supposed to list 10 things I love and then pick ten people to give the award to. So, here goes:

1. Being a Christian. I love it! I love knowing that God is there for me, even though I am not deserving of His love. I love knowing that He is watching out for me. It's selfish, I know. But, I love being a Christian because I know that I am never alone. I love trying (and still failing, but trying nonetheless) to live for Him every single day.

2. Jake. (duh.) He is my knight in shining armor. Some people don't believe in love at first sight. I feel sorry for those people. I can honestly say that I loved Jake the moment I saw him. I didn't realize that it was love, because I, stupidly, thought I had been in love before. I may have been... but I don't think so. Nothing can compare to the love I have for my husband. He is my best friend. He is an amazing man and I am so blessed to be his wife.

3. Shelby. She is the light of my life. She does these precious little dances when I get home every day. She loves me. She's not afraid to show it. She's so sweet and she has truly changed my life. There is nothing I would not do for that girl. ;)

4. Milly. Milly is my little MaMil. She's my heart. She just has this carefree spirit and always reminds me what is important in life... belly rubs and tennis balls, of course! She keeps me smiling with her funny personality.

5. My mother. (Not that she is 5th by any means.) My mother is a fabulous woman! She's the one who has taught me just about everything I need to know. It is so amazing to know unconditional love from day one... and I know I am blessed because not everyone has that. It makes me sad, but also so grateful to her for all of her sacrifices and generosity.

6. Skittles. Nothing can turn a bad day around like a pack of skittles (the original bag, of course). Skittles are amazing! The perfect mix of sweet and tangy with the chewyness that makes me happy! I just love those things.

7. Flip flops. Hands-down, flip flops are the world's best invention. I just love wearing them, showing off my toe nail polish and letting my feet hang out. lol I know that sounds dumb, but flip flops really are great.

8. Teaching. I love to teach. I love helping kids. I love being there for them. I love getting to know them. I love learning from them. I love that "lightbulb" moment. I love teaching!

9. Sunshine. Sunny weather is the best. There is nothing so simple and great as having the sun shine on your face and knowing who made that sun and who made that day. Really puts things into perspective.

10. This list would not be complete without mentioning the South Carolina Gamecocks! Go Cocks! There is just something about being a Gamecock...

Now for picking my 10... (I'm sure you'll see I follow lots of doggie blogs, because we have so much in common!)
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4. My Mom at doglovinteacher.
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