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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Radio

I love listening to the radio. It just makes my day. I listen to New Life 91.9. It is an amazing station that plays really great Christian music and has very uplifting messages. It really helps me to get things into perspective and start myself out on a positive note. I only live about 5 minutes from where I am currently subbing, but it is 5 minutes enough to get me thinking right. Anyhow, today I had an interview in another town and had to drive about an hour there. I just loved getting to listen to the radio for a longer amount of time. This morning they were discussing their favorite prayer. The topic began by some talk about someone (I missed the person's name) saying their favorite prayer was "help me!" Another lady said her favorite prayer to pray is "thank you." One lady said that their family had a favorite prayer that they pray when they are passed on the road by fire trucks, police cars, etc because they pray for the people to be protected. Another person said that they pray "forgive me." There were so many prayers and it was interesting to hear how people talk to God and rely on Him throughout the day.

My favorite prayer is, "please get me through this with a smile on my face" or sometimes "keep me positive, please."

So, What's yours? What prayer do you like to pray or find yourself praying a lot?

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  1. Lately, "give me strength" when facing something I know I have to do, but do not want to do.

    "forgive me" is also one I find myself using a lot.