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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Phase

I am beginning a new phase. I am not sulking over the whole not finding a teacher job thing. I am moving on! I am so excited! I have decided that what I really truly want it to have a full-time job and get on with my life. I am so excited! I have applied for lots of office jobs and hopefully will find one soon.
I received a call from a lady who owns a business and is looking for a customer service person and someone to be flexible to assist with the day to day things as well. I am going today to interview with her at 1:00. I am very excited. I don't know too many details but I will keep you posted on the job search.

On to another topic:
I took Milly and Shelby to Winthrop Lake yesterday. It was so much fun! We met Marlie, Lucas, and Summer and walked around the lake. It was interesting at first. Milly and Shelby have never been much for the wheels on a stroller or small people otherwise known as children... but they did so well. Shelby was fine most of the time with Summer. She's better at being around children than Milly. Milly was a little barky and stand-offish. She settled in though and they were pretty good for the rest of the time. I'm one proud MilShelb Mom!!

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  1. Summer had a lot of fun; we need to do it again sometime soon or evening pack a picnic!! ;-D