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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Point

One of my blog friends (whom I also know in real life) brought up a good point in one of her blogs (link to her site: She said something about someone saying they'd never take their kids to a nice restaurant. Of course, that person does not have children... Now, I don't have kids either and I won't even claim to know how to raise children nor will I claim what I would do if I ever had a child... because I used to say stuff like that about my dogs and we can all see how that turned out! lol Anyhow, I'm just saying that people say things and then things turn out so differently... but about the restaurant topic, how does a child learn to behave in a place like that if they are not exposed to that environment? Seems to me you would be putting your child at a disadvantage if you never took them places like that?? Again, I have two dogs... so what do I know? lol

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha...Well, I def. take my kids to restaurants...even nice ones!! ;-D Summer entertained us at Cheesecake Factory & Lucas has already been to White Horse!! ;-D