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Saturday, March 20, 2010

As I always say...

There is always something to be thankful for. I won't lie, things have been tough lately. Tough on my wallet and tough on my heart. My positive attitude has been tested more in the past week than the rest of the year combined. I have been tried and tried... but, I think, I've come out on top. I was reading a friend's blog tonight- which I think everyone should read because it is amazing
( and was reminded of the fact that there is always something to be thankful for. No, things may not always go my way and, no, I may not always get along with everyone and I may not always get what I want or even what I think I deserve... but at the end of the day- no matter how crummy the day- I get to come home to Jake. He is home. He is not in another country. He's home. I cannot imagine how tough it is to be a military spouse. I cannot imagine how hard it is to stay up at night and wonder if they are ok... if they are happy... if they are safe. I cannot imagine that. I don't have to stay up at night wondering because Jake is right there. It takes a tough and STRONG person to be a military spouse. I am not that person. I do not have that in me. I am thankful that Jake is home every night (even on the nights when he makes me want to pull my hair out lol). I am thankful that there are people who are in the military. I am thankful for their service and their sacrifice. I am thankful beyond belief to the people who wait at home for their safe return.
On the blog that inspired this one ( I read a devastating story about a young woman who has lost her husband in war. I then went to that woman's blog and read her story. I cried and cried. It is so sad to think that someone who is younger than me could lose her husband, her child's father. They are in my prayers tonight... and on my heart. Please say a prayer for them and for all of the people who selflessly give of their time and, in some cases, their life.

Jake- you are my heart. I am thankful for you... even when you make me mad. ;)

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