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Saturday, September 11, 2010


You know, I remember exactly where I was when I found out about the attacks. I was in high school in French class. What a horrible day. I can remember not really understanding the total awfulness of the whole thing but thinking it was cool that we got to watch tv at school and not really do any work. I've always been a person who kind of turns a blind eye to the news and stuff (shame on me, I know) and, let's face it, in high school many of us were more concerned about our date Friday night than the world around us... and that was me. However, I knew instantly that many people lost their lives and that even if I didn't know them there were many people who lost loved ones... friends, parents, sisters, brothers... I prayed for them and their lost loved ones. I prayed for the people who did it... that one day we would all understand, however, there is no understanding to such a cruel act. I will never understand, but I will say that I am and will continue to be proud to be an American. People can try to break us, but our spirit remains in tact. We will always persevere. We will always come together in times of need. We lost many wonderful people that day, but we gained so much... we gained a dying spirit... and I am so proud to be an American!

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  1. I was at home getting ready to collect my son from school, the news flash came on and I just sat down and watched with tears running down my face. My then husband had only been there two weeks previously and we knew quite a few people who worked there so it was horrifying to watch. So many friends and colleagues of my husbands gone in seconds. My husband was at work at the time and he came home in a state of shock. We could not quite believe how that so many people we knew were gone or dreadfully injured. So many lives lost for reasons I still can't quite get my head round to be honest, it made no sense then and it still makes no sense now. Just utter madness.
    So many Mums were late for pick up that day.

    So many civilians and emergency crews and SARS animals to thank for so much heartbreaking toil.