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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Laundry and Bathroom Cabinets

I wish I had done posts of our home "mini-makeovers" all along, but I haven't. One day I might go back and do that... probably not. (LOL!) Anyhow, to give you some background knowledge, we bought our home about a year ago and we moved into the "1980s gone wrong". Seriously. It was the 1980s in this house. (And still is, in some parts.) So, we have slowly taken over and made it our own and we are still working to do that. It is a slow and long process, but one that we both truly enjoy. Who knew we were DIYers? Not me. LOL!
All of the cabinets in our house are stained wood. They are nice, solid cabinets. Not the cheap kind. But, they are ugly nonetheless. So, I have made it my mission in life to fix them. I just can't take looking at the ugly things forever.
I have been on summer break for about 2 weeks now and have painted the cabinets in our laundry closet and half bath.
These are the laundry cabinets before I got ahold of them.

These are the laundry cabinets now. (I realize that there is paint on the wall... I missed the tape. Oh well. It's ok, though, because painting the walls in there is on my to do list. This to do list just keeps growing!)

These are the half bath cabinets before. Now, obviously, I forgot to take the before until "during", but this is what I've got. haha!

These are the cabinets "during". I say that because I am not finished with them yet. I painted the cabinets black and white on purpose. Our half bath is our "Gamecock" bathroom. It has different Gamecock decorations and these cabinets will soon reflect that. As soon as I find (or make- YIKES) a stencil of the Gamecock, I will stencil a garnet Gamecock on the cabinets in the part that is currently painted black. I think it should look pretty awesome. I am really excited!

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