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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carpet is NASTY

I hate carpet. I know that hate is a strong word and I mean for it to be strong. That is how I feel about carpet. I hate it. It is nasty and you can NEVER keep the stuff clean. The only thing worse than nasty, dirty carpet is nasty, dirty carpet that you moved in to and didn't make nasty or dirty- it came that way. Sick! So, being the MilShelb Mom that I am I knew that the nasty carpet would only become worse because MilShelb are pee pad trained and (for some reason) have not learned to tell the difference between a pee pad and carpet. Gross, I know. So, we have set out to remove all of the carpet from our home. This was the last of it. The office. We saved this room for last because it is a room we can close off and keep them out of unless we are in there, so it wasn't a huge deal and didn't really get that nasty from them. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for whomever lived here before us.
(The closet organization will be another post as it is yet to be photographed- so please excuse the mess.)
This is the office before we took out the carpet.

This is the office after we put down laminate and painted the baseboards. So much better!

This is another view of the office before we took out the carpet (and got rid of that desk. That's another post for another day as well).

This is the office after we put down laminate and painted the baseboards. Whew! What a difference! We've also gotten very good at putting this floor down (this was the third room we did) so it took us next to no time to complete!

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  1. It definitely isn’t your fault if the carpet was already dirty when you moved in. Whoever occupied the house before you was definitely rude to not clean the carpet before they left. Have you tried getting a nylon carpet? Nylon has been the most commonly used carpet fiber since the early 1960’s. When it comes down to it, nylon is the most versatile of fibers. It’s durable, resilient, soft, and is receptive to dyeing for color versatility, but your laminated boards look just as good!

    Bong Kingsley