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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fixed that Desk Issue

Before we decided how to fix this issue... or even really before we decided this was an "issue" to fix, we had two desks. Two people, two desks. It took up a lot of room, though, and was not well arranged.
This was my husband's desk.

This was my desk.

We had both seen built in desks and loved them. We'd seen various ideas of how to do this and what we wanted it to look like. So, we combined some ideas and this is what we came up with.

We bought peg board to hang things on and be more organized. Neither one of us are what you would call naturally organized people, so we need "tools" to help us stay organized. 

We used 2 plywood boards we had from something we were doing earlier in the house and bought deck railing for the legs. We looked at table legs at Home Depot and Lowes, but they were way more than we wanted to spend since we needed eight. We bolted a piece of 2x6 into the studs in the wall behind the desk to give it extra support and then screwed the top boards into the 2x6. We put the legs in place and screwed those in. Then, we added molding and painted the whole thing white. 

I found white cups at Target to put in the baskets on the peg board to hold pens and pencils. We bought some hooks for peg board to hold scissors and things like that (that's not in the picture).

This is the finished product (minus the tape on the floor, of course). Now we have a lot more room in here and plan to put our sofa in here once we buy a new one for the living room. I am excited about the progress we have made in this office!

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