Life as a Milshelb Mom is crazy, hectic, and FUN... it's mostly full of LOVE... love for a MilShelb who make my world go 'round.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Each Day

The way each day will look to you all starts with WHOM you're looking to...

I'm keeping my eyes on heaven. ;) He is the Maker of all things. The Beginning and the End. The Alpha and the Omega. He is all that Is and Was and Is To Come. He is.... wonderful, amazing.... He is the God who gives and takes away...


  1. AMEN!!! I love when people proclaim their love for Christ and the reason for the strength and happiness they have; I just don't know how people can get through life without it. There are so many things that distract us and make it so easy for us to lose focus on what is most important, but it is great to have a friend that keeps her focus straight and is still so real, genuine, and sweet!! :-D