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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Day

I spent the day today being a very busy person, but loved every single bit of it. I went to the bbq benefit for an old friend. I saw tons of people from high school and really enjoyed myself. I also (finally) met my friend Marlie's little girl, Summer. She is precious!!
I spent the afternoon hanging out with my two little friends, Emily and Elijah, while their parents went to an early dinner. It was so much fun! It always amazes me that children can be so funny. They are just so sweet and say the cutest things. Today, Elijah told me (as I was trying to pick up some of his legos) that he was not done with his "mess"!! I laughed so hard. I think he called it a mess because Emily and I had been telling him he had made a big mess all over the living room... it had also spread into the kitchen and even into his bedroom. He is just too funny.

You know, every single mother I have ever spoken to talks about how much they love their children and how they did not really know what a blessing it is to be a mom until they became one. I tend to compare that type of relationship to the one I have with Milly and Shelby... and though I know that is no where near the same thing... I do think there are similarities. I was thinking on the way home about how much Milly and Shelby mean to me. They are just the highlight of my every day. More than love, I truly feel that they are my heart and soul. They are spoiled rotten- and I know that... but I feel that God gave me the MilShelb for a reason... and that reason is because I need them. :) They make my day. I say it all the time and I was thinking about if I really thought I meant it... and I have decided now that I really do... I would beg, steal, borrow... even sell every little last thing I own to keep them happy and healthy- with food in the bellies and a roof over their heads. I know it sounds silly to some of you- but I don't care. Those "dogs" are my babies. They are my life. I owe them more than I could ever repay for the love they show me each and every day. I was thinking about how when people's children need things there is no question of how or when- people just do whatever it is that needs to be done. I feel the same way about Milly and Shelby. There has never been a question when it comes to them. They go to the vet when they are sick- no matter the cost. They get medication and/or surgery when it is needed. I don't say "how much?" I say- you do what needs to be done. I have gone to emergency vets. I was truly confused when the vet came in to tell us the price before they performed Shelby's surgery. I was like, "well, duh. We'll take it." Granted, it was way less than I had imagined after he walked in and said it would be expensive, etc. I would have paid whatever they told me to make her better again. Jake and I were prepared to take a major hit and were relieved when it wasn't too bad. After we left for her to have her surgery, I looked at Jake and said, "now, what were we supposed to say? Oh, never mind. that much? You can keep her. Forget it. It's not worth it.????" Really?? The awful thing is that I'm sure that happens. Makes me sad...
Anyhow, the point is that I had a wonderful day and spent time with wonderful children and truly enjoyed myself... and came home to two wonderful children of my own. ;)

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  1. Awww...She LOVED you, and you're a GREAT Mommy!! :-D