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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Few Thoughts...

If you read this blog you probably know a few things about me... one being that I have 2 dogs and am totally obsessed! Well, I just have to have a moment to gripe. This is what really erks me... I hear of people all the time getting rid of their pets. They claim that these pets are "like family" and it "breaks their heart" to get rid of them but they are "moving and can't take them" or are "not able to spend enough time with them"... the list of excuses is a mile long. I especially hate it when I see that excuse of not enough time stuck to a dog at a SHELTER! I mean, hello... you don't have enough time so now your dog has NO TIME?! That is not right. I do not understand it. I thank God that I will never understand it. I would sell every last thing I owned before I gave up Milly and Shelby. When you get a pet it is your RESPONSIBILITY to take care of that pet. That means that you feed it, provide it shelter, take it to the vet, and (imagine this, here's the real kicker) LOVE it! A dog is the most loyal, loving creature. It loves you no matter what. You could be the most horrible person and your dog still thinks you are amazing. I truly believe that if people were half as wonderful as their dogs thought (or if they'd even try to be) this world would be a better place.

So, here's my point. If you have a pet- it's your pet. You made a (and maybe it was unspoken) promise to that pet. You are to be there for that pet and do the very best for that pet. I understand that there are some situations that are unpreventable, but you should still make your pet a priority. If you have to give it up, do not give it to whomever offers the most money. Take the time to find that pet a loving home... one that is better than the one you are providing.

I read something one time that really made me think. I know people wonder why I obsess over MilShelb so much- why I spend so much time with them... the answer is this (and forgive me, I don't know the name of the person who said it first- but they are sooo smart): A dog's life ranges from around 7 years to around 16. People don't think it's a big deal to leave their dogs for hours upon hours or even up to weeks at a time... that is a lifetime to a dog. Think about it- you'll probably live to atleast 70. That's nearly 10 times longer than a dog. So, while a few hours or days isn't much to you- it is sooo long to them. They miss you. YOU are their world.

That's it. I'm off my soap box...
oh, and please please please SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PET!!!!

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