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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge

I told y'all I stink at these things... And I was right. Self-fulfilling prophesy, I suppose.

Anyhow, day 6 asks what is the worst thing you've ever experienced.

The worst thing? Normally when I look back at my life I see many happy times, a few challenging times... But I don't ever focus on the bad/sad times. Sure, I've had them just like everyone else, but why dwell on them?

But, since it asks, the worst thing I've ever experienced was having my cat put to sleep. I got Willow when I was five and she was a kitten. I loved that cat so much. I had her until I was a junior in high school. (I think. My brain is mush.) she was very sick and had a horrible growth on her side. We didn't have options because she was older and they'd already tried once to remove all the bad cells, so we (my mom and I) talked about it and felt it was best to let her go. When I think about it I remember that day vividly. It was horrible. It still sends a pain through my heart and a knot in my stomach that makes me feel sick. I miss her. I think I always will. That day made me think I'd never have another pet, but that's not fair. In reality, Willow taught me that I am strong enough to do hard things and make hard choices, and that I did love her enough to do what was right by her. 
I like to think Milly and Shelby will live forever, but I know that's not true... and I dread that day. Loss hurts. It's heart breaking. It never really goes away. But love is better than loss and happiness is a much stronger emotion than sadness, and I can do hard things. 

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  1. Hi,

    Life's greatest lessons are learned from the hardest times.... They sure make us stronger in many ways... Its been long since I last visited your place. Nice to be back and to see you again... :)