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Sunday, February 16, 2014

30 Day Challenge- Day 2 (because I know I'll get behind)

Day 2- 3 legitimate fears and how they became your fears

Fear 1-
I am scared to death of one of the MilShelb getting hit by a car or hurt in a way I cannot fix. I want them to only know happiness and health... I truly fear them being tragically hurt. I fear them being hurt and it being a result of my negligence. (I certainly don't purposefully put them in harm's way. I don't want anyone to get that idea! These are probably 2 of the most protected dogs on earth. I'm pretty much a helicopter parent. So is the H.)

Fear 2-
I'm extremely afraid of my house catching on fire. Seriously. If I even think I may have left something "dangerous" plugged in (like my hair straightener) I will drive all the way back home to check. Again, this fear really goes back to Milly and Shelby. I would absolutely die if they were caught in a house fire. (As for how I got this fear- a horrible tragedy from a fellow blogger. Many of her dogs died in a horrible house fire and she wrote a blog about how she could hear them but couldn't help them... ripped my heart out!)

Fear 3-
(I know I'm supposed to post 3 fears, but I really only have the 2...)

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