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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stepping On That Soap Box

Well, it's that time again- time for me to step up on my soap box and get something off my chest. It has come to my attention that someone I know has not been treating their animal the way it should be treated. I won't say who it is or what they have done as I don't feel it is appropriate to do so, however I will once again preach my sermon on pets.
1. A pet is a commitment. It is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it a spur of the moment decision.
2. Loving a pet is not enough. Is it important to love your pet? Of course. That animal loves you no matter what and you owe it to them to do the same- however, love (as we should all know) is never enough.
3. A pet needs basic essentials like food, shelter, and attention. Yes, attention is a basic necessity for an animal.
4. More than those things a pet needs someone who can put aside their wants and needs and make the best decision for that pet. They need someone who can be unselfish and make the right choices. No one likes to be inconvenienced, but, by golly, you may very well be if you have a pet. Their needs are just as important as your own and sometimes you have to put someone else first!
5. Sacrifice is sometimes the name of the game. If you can't sacrifice for that animal- you shouldn't have that animal. Sometimes you have to do without the new shoes so that you can pay the vet bill- too bad! It is important to get your pet quality care as well as things like flea and heart worm medication. It is also important that you take the time to find food that meets your pet's nutritional needs.
6. As that quote goes "your pet thinks you are the best person ever. you owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion."

I am in no way saying that I am the perfect pet owner. There are days when Milly and Shelby and I don't get along. There are times when I raise my voice at them (though I know that it is wrong to raise your voice to an animal and I always feel horrible after I do that). There are times when I would love to buy a new pair of shoes instead of heart worm meds and there are times I wish that I could go out to dinner and the movies instead of pay for Milly and Shelby to eat expensive dog food... however, I know that heart worms can be deadly and are 100% preventable. I also know that Milly requires certain food due to her allergies and would rather do without than see her suffer. I know that when Jake and I took MilShelb into our homes we also took them into our hearts and we promised to do right by them no matter what. Do I always want to walk them? No. But I do. Do I always want to sleep in awkward positions so that all 4 of us can fit in the bed? No. But I do anyhow. The point is, all pets, not just MilShelb, deserve the best you have to give. So, give it to them. Be the person they believe you are. Don't yell at them. Don't hit them. Don't neglect them. Be there for them. Be a good pet owner and make the right choices for them.

(I'm now stepping off my soap box. ;))


  1. I hear ya! Our "dog" isn't even called a "dog" she's our baby. She means EVERYTHING to us. I'd die if ANYTHING ever happened to her. Seriously, she's our child. I hate to know someone is hurting their dog. I don't even punish/yell at Tinsleigh because it's too sad to. (as corny as that sounds)

  2. Girl I totally understand. We are the same way about Milly and Shelby. they rule the house and happen to let us live there. lol They are our little babies and we really don't call them dogs (to them or even talking about them when they are around lol). I try very hard not to yell at them- they are so high energy though that sometimes I just can't help it! lol I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one!

  3. Haha! Crazy NO! Loving YES! I'm actually about to post pictures of our baby. :o)