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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Few Churchy Thoughts

Jeff (my preacher) said this the other Sunday and it really stood out to me. He said to tell Satan, "Satan, you've advanced as far as you're going to in my life. I'm going to stop here and dig in. The war has already been won by Jesus. We just have to win our own individual battles."

He also said "Don't give up on that which Jesus gave His life for." So true. Jesus died for me... the LEAST I can do is LIVE for HIM.

He also said that "the life that we have is that which God has blessed us with." This really made me think- I know I have complained a lot about things in the last year or so, but God has a purpose for me and a reason I am dealing with all of this. He has not given me this to "get through" but rather blessed me with many people and things, opportunities and experiences. I am truly blessed.

Please come visit with us at Gold Hill Road Church of Christ!

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  1. GREAT Post!! I have been keeping up with my church notes and hope to get around to blogging about them very soon!! Thank you for sharing ;o)