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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Popcorn Be Gone!

The H and I have talked for years about getting rid of the popcorn ceilings in our house. We hate them. They're dated, ugly, and ( let's face it) you can't clean them! 
So today I decided to try my hand at popcorn removal. I've looked at YouTube videos and blogs by other DIYers and I figured if they can do it so can I. 

They warn you it's messy, so I put trash bags over the counter and toilet. 

It did no good. I didn't tape, though. I should have taped. Oh well. Live and learn. 

It's a tiny half bath. Here's part of it before. 

And the other part before. 

Hers the tools I used: 
A step ladder (I'm only 5 ft 1), a bottle of water and vinegar, and a scrapey tool I grabbed from the garage. 

About half way through the scraping process...

All done with the scraping process! If you get this stuff really good and wet it just comes right off. But a warning- the goopier it is, the more it sticks to the floor.

What a mess I had on my hands (and hair, shorts, shirt, face, floor, walls... You get the picture)!

That junk was everywhere!! 

So I swept it up.

And then washed the ceiling, walls, counter, toilet, fixtures, and floor.

I am really proud of myself and can't wait to paint! Might even get to that tomorrow! 

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