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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Super Cute Chair

Where'd it come from, you ask?

Well, it came from Goodwill and it looked like this:

Then, I spray painted the base to look like this:

 With Shelby's help, of course! :)

Then, I covered the seat and back of the chair:

Then, I put it all together:

Close-up of the fabric:

Did I mention that this chair cost me ONLY about $6?
The chair was $3 from Goodwill, the fabric was a major deal for only $2, and the spray paint was left over from other projects, but I am estimating I used only about $1 of it. I am so excited to put this in my classroom!

I just need to add some slidy things on the bottom so I don't scratch up the floor. Yay!!! 

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