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Monday, January 24, 2011

ugh. Are You Serious?!

I was reading Molly's Mom's post and was so frustrated! I cannot believe (no, really I can. sadly.) that a grown man would behave this way. It makes me angry. Like Molly's Mom, I do not normally condone the hitting (or punching) of animals... especially not animals that belong to someone else... but, I'll go ahead and warn you, if I'm ever in a park and you allow your large dog to come and bite one of my babies on the leg and then proceed to laugh at me when I am frantically trying to get your dog to leave mine alone, you'd best bet I'll punch your dog... and you. And then I'll call the cops... and my husband. lol I mean, the nerve of some people.

Don't feel bad, Molly's Mom. I'd have done that same thing. In my opinion, YOU GO GIRL!! You go. Your job is to protect them and be their advocate... and you were just doing your job.


  1. Thank you so much, I felt so bad for the dog after all if it has not been taught any different it does not know better but I have to be honest I don't feel bad for the so called 'man' at all

    Momma Tea
    xxx xxx

  2. Oh, that man would have needed a doctor by the time I was finished with his A$$. Unbelievable. I got so mad reading this....I'd most likely ended up in jail over one of my babies being bullied by a brute of a dog...and I don't say that loosely.