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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deep Thoughts

are not my thing. lol I don't mean to say that I do not think deeply, 
I simply mean that my life is not so complex that it requires a great deal of deep thought. 
Anyhow, all of that being said...

People often ask me about my marriage. People think my marriage is weird... different. 
Well, it is. It is not your "typical" marriage, but I would challenge someone to tell me 
what a "typical" marriage is. I've heard before that a marriage is as unique as the people in it. 
Oh, how true that is. What works for one couple would never fly with another, and so on.
 I know many people who spend every free moment with their spouse. I know others 
who rarely see their spouses. I know people who secretly despise their spouses. I know others 
who are obsessed. I know people who seem to fear their spouses and others who live to 
serve their spouses. I am none of those people. The truth is, my husband is my best
 friend. He makes me laugh. He keeps me grounded. He helps me to set and achieve goals. 
He loves me. I love him.
Do we share the same interests? Hardly. Do we enjoy going and doing the same things. 
Yeah right. Do we even like the same music? Hahahaha. We could hardly be more
 different in that regard. But, we make it work. We are very independent. 
We are not each other's "other half"... but he is my whole heart. He is the one person I 
would do absolutely anything for. We joke. We laugh. We smile. We sing. We dance.
 Yet, we're serious. We want the same things. We are headed in the same direction. 
We love Milly and Shelby. We put them first.
So, maybe if you know me you think we're strange... but, as I 
said, I challenge you to show me a perfect couple.  I don't think such a thing exists.

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