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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been Reading

I started reading The Shark and The Goldfish tonight. It is a book assigned by our principal... and it's actually turning out to be a really good book. (Not that I did not think my principal could pick a good book, just that I normally turn my nose up at assigned reading. lol) Anyhow, I am all about positive thinking and so is this book. So far I am only on page 22, but it really sounds a lot like the way I think, which is cool. It talks about making the choice to be positive and controlling your reactions to situations. Now, I am not saying that this is how I always live my life, but it is certainly how I try to live my life. It also talked about how things happen a certain way for a reason and that it leads you to other situations and you have to choose how you react to these and make a choice and be positive. Anyhow, it got me to thinking about how different my life would be if everything worked out the way I wanted the first time... looking back on it, YIKES! I have talked about this topic before by talking about unanswered prayers. (I mean, they're not unanswered exactly, just put on hold or replaced with better things.) I am planning to work even harder to be positive about certain situations in my life. It doesn't mean I need to give up or find other situations to replace the current ones, it means I need to work harder. Oh, and I will!

Another topic to discuss...
You know what's crazy? God loves me more than the sun and the stars and He loves me all the time. He loves me. Me. A sinner. A complainer. A person out of so many people. Holy cow! How awesome is that? It amazes me that He could love me. I am oh so grateful for that. I am grateful beyond belief. Why? Because I need that love. I need that belief in me. I need HIM.

And, I have Him. :) On my side.

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