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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a DAY!!

Well, my day started off normal- I went to work at 8:30, stayed until 4:30, and came home. Once I got home I made dinner (with some help from Jake) and did some dishes. After dinner is when the day took a strange turn...

Jake, Milly, Shelby, and I started off on our walk. We always go the same way in our neighborhood. After walking half of our walk we turned around to make the second half of the walk toward home... and as we were walking passed this house Jake commented that there was a dog. I shrugged it off and said something along the lines of "that dogs is always there" or something. Jake said something about "it's not stopping" and at that point I turned around in time to see the dog charging at Jake and Milly and barking and growling like crazy. Milly, always the protector, barked and yelped and all of the sudden let out this awful screaming noise! The dog was attacking her!! Jake, who is always good at thinking on his feet, pulled on her leash and grabbed her up. The other dog turned around and ran off. I was shocked! I have never been so scared in all my life!! My poor baby! Luckily, she escaped without injury and was only a little shaken by the situation. Jake and I were very upset about this and I shook all the way back to the house. I was so shocked!
Anyhow, after getting home and calling my mother I decided that I needed to tell that dog's owner that his dog attacked mine and could have hurt her. So, I marched my skinny little butt right back to his house and knocked on his front door. I politely explained to him that his dog had come running at mine and that I thought he should know because that was dangerous and very nerve-racking. He appologized again and again and asked if Milly was ok. I told him she was fine and that I just thought he should know because I would want to know if it were my dog that had charged at another dog. He thanked me for the concern and I went on my merry way back home...
Goodness, what a day... but, you know, it's all in a day's work for a MilShelb Mom... you've gotta stand up for your girls! :)

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