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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi! We'll start with names- mine is Maggie. I'm a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina (Go GAMECOCKS!) and a bride-to-be (in less than 2 months). I am passionate about only a few things in life: my fiance, my miniature daschunds, family, education, animal welfare, and GOD!

I have been truly blessed to share my life with a wonderful man who, in December, asked me to be his wife. I am looking forward to our future together. I am not one of those silly girls who believes that we will always be head-over-heels in love. I know that won't last. However, I also know that beyond that love is another and that is the love of friendship and devotion and respect. I think that one reason I am able to love Jake as much as I do is because I truly respect him as a person. He is an amazing man. It's funny because though we are so incredibly different we are also very much alike. I can't count the number of time we've looked at each other and said the same things. When that happens we always laugh and say "we're the same person!" Now, I know that we aren't truly the same person... but we do think a lot alike and I think that really helps us out.

Another true blessing in my life is the fact that I am a proud "mother" to two miniature daschunds. Their names are Milly and Shelby (we call them MilShelb for short) and they are our pride and joy. I never knew you could love an animal as much as we love them. Call me silly, but I have truly learned a great deal from these two four-legged creatures with whom I share my life. They have taught me about unconditional love; shown me that I possess more patience than I ever believed possible; and have been there for me even on my worst days. They are amazing.

I am lucky to have the parents that I have. My mom and step-dad, Michael, are wonderful people. They have truly made me who I am today. Thanks to them I have a foundation in the church and a faith that keeps me going. They have always been the type of parents who trusted us and believed we were capable of making the right decisions... I thank them for that.

As you read my blog in the future, you will find that I will most likely talk about daily thing or things that bother me... I will also probably post quotes or poems that stand out to me for some reaosn or another. I'm the type of person that has a quote for every type of event in life. I love them! lol

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  1. Hey Maggie...I'm glad to see you on here!! Thank you for your sweet comment on Facebook!! I have already selected to follow your blog so I will look forward to future posts...TTYS :) Love, Marlie