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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Friend Melissa

Just over a year ago I started my new job at my new school... and met my new friend, Melissa. Melissa quickly became my close school friend and quickly after that she moved on to being my best friend. Melissa is awesome. She really is. She's funny and has taught me a ton about shopping. I love to shop and Melissa always knows the deals going on and the best places to find coupons. I have bought more clothes with her this year than I have in the last 3 years combined. lol
The thing is, it's just so nice to have someone you can hang out with and talk to and get to know and not feel dumb or judged. Melissa rocks!
Melissa's husband is in the military and she is moving tomorrow... and will be pretty far away. It makes me so sad to lose such a great friend. Not that I've lost her... just that I have lost the frequent weekend shopping trips and lunches out. You see, I don't make friends easy. I'm a nice enough person, but I am a little odd. lol I'll admit it. So, I am just sad.
Melissa is moving on to another state and a new phase in her life- motherhood! I am so excited for her and her husband. I cannot wait to go visit and meet her sweet baby when she is born.
I know that I will miss her greatly. I already do! lol

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