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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man. I Needed That.

This morning on the way to work I caught the tail end of someone on the radio (I listen to WMHK which is a Christian radio station) talking about affirmation and why it is so important in relationships with children as well as your spouse. I stink at this- to put it lightly. I am GREAT at praising my "kids" (my students). Heck, I even praise MilShelb on a constant basis. Jake? Hah. Nah. Hardly ever.
It made me so sad to realize this. When I got bored with that station and happened to switch over to a country station and they were playing Keith Urban's Without You.
Call it whatever you want, but I'd call it divine intervention. I feel like God was trying to remind me that Jake needs for me to praise him. I need to remember to do that. I need to make an effort to thank him. I need to stop taking out the frustrations of my job, friend/family life and remember a few things.:
1. Jake is my husband. I promised him over 2 years ago that I would prize him above all others. I need to do that.
2. Jake is one of the most generous people I know. He gives and gives and gives. He should be thanked.
3. Jake has given up certain dreams for me. That is hard to do. That is so extremely unselfish.
4. Jake is proud of me. He is proud of me because he knows how hard I have worked to get where I am professionally. I am proud of him, too. He needs to hear it.
5. Everything that I have at this current time... the most important things to me... I have because of him. Because he stopped at nothing to get me what I wanted and what he felt like I deserved. I have an awesome house (if I do say so myself) because my husband knows how to handle money and helped me work it out. I have 2 AWESOME dogters that Jake gave in and got for us... and he fell in love with them, too. I have an awesome home environment because we are happy together. (Please, don't mistake this for me saying we are always happy, sappy, mushy... because that is not true. But, we're happy together and we work out the rest. lol)
6. Jake loves me. He loves me for exactly who I am. That is hard to do. I know that because I am me and there are things about me that are hard to love. But, he does. He does with all of his heart.

The point is not that Jake fussed about me not praising him... because that is not true. He didn't say a thing. He wouldn't. That's not the kind of man he is. The point is that I heard this on the radio and it touched my heart and I knew that it was something I need to work on. I plan to do that starting today!

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  1. That is a good reminder for us all! I am guilty of the same thing....thanks for the wake up call!! hope your doing good!!